Cosmetic Gynecology - Vaginoplasty in Mumbai, India

Cosmetic Gynecology

Cosmetic gynecology is a relatively new field in the field of women’s health. The term “cosmetic” is a misnomer. This field actually deals with issues such as the woman’s perception of her external appearance and disorders related to menopause and sexual function.

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The following issues are addressed in the purview of cosmetic gynecology :

  • Menopausal Symptoms
    Women experience symptoms such as vaginal dryness, dryness and itching of skin around the genitals and a host of menopausal symptoms around and following menopause. We believe in a holistic approach to these issues and address these with a range of therapies including hormonal therapies, non-hormonal medications, topical creams & lotions and at times radiofrequency application to the vagina to reduce or partially ameliorate vaginal atrophy & its symptoms. These treatments are applied on an individual after assessment and counselling of the woman
  • Sexual dysfunction
    Sexual problems in women are often underreported because of the stigma associated with them. However, there are a variety of therapies ranging from psychological counselling to oral & topical medication to address these problems successfully after evaluation of the underlying causes.
  • Cosmetic surgery and procedures
    These procedures including reducing the labia, augmentation of labia, vaginal tightening and vaginoplasty to improve appearance of the external genitals & reduce vaginal laxity or increase the size of a narrow vagina.